Summer Sun, Winter Blood

by Citizen Insane

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A collection of old and new songs. My 'acoustic' album.


released June 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Citizen Insane Kingston, New York

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Track Name: Refuge
In summers past, we would take the world within our grasp
We were safe inside the trees we called our home
Spoke of youth, spoke of what we are
What we knew about the way we wanted things to be

We couldn't see the houses or the streets
It was a relief

Without the sounds of speeding cars throughout this town
I can think unimpeded
Dream of nights when we'll turn out these lights
And see beyond this life of burning out before we break free

But now the houses and the streets
Stand out in staggering relief
To the solitude once felt
There can be nothing else

The cars crash through my nights
Alone under the stars, watching
Headlights fade with the echoes of our laughter
Track Name: Winter Blood
I could have it all,
I could have everything
I've wanted all this time
With every word spoken
Every wish and every drawn out sigh

Tear me apart at the seams and send me on my way
We'll see if I make it back in one piece

Now there's a split, a crossroads forming
Two paths converging in my mind
I'll hover at the edge of your
perception until I can decide

Her bittersweet rejection is still
Dancing on the tip of my tongue
And still I let her lead me,
In fear I'll never find another one
How could I let this happen?
She never even crossed my mind
Yet now I can't seem to get her
Off my mind

This winter blood is flowing through my veins
Leaves me defenseless to the warmth of your embrace
But I push this aside, I leave you shivering,
We're both left with nothing more than the ice
between our feet, across the pavement
Heat gives, but cold takes away

I'll isolate myself instead
I'm the in-between it seems I'm
Stuck inside my head
Have I been led astray?
The right path is always
The one that I don't take
So break me apart and send me away
Unleash the sun to light my way
Track Name: Sunset
Take a walk in the rain with me
The stars are waiting patiently
For the sun to drop below the trees
So silently
The sky's lit up a bloody red
And as the city goes to bed
We'll walk the streets dripping wet
Don't leave me yet

It's always better with the lights off
You can see more when the sky is dark
It's always best when the sun is down
Another night here beneath the stars

So take a walk in this storm with me
Raindrops sync up with the immortal beating of our hearts