The College Audition EP

by Citizen Insane

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A collection of songs I wrote and recorded around the time I was applying and auditioning to college. All of these songs have been on Soundcloud for quite some time now so I figured, hey, why not put them here too.


released December 24, 2012

All sounds on this album were created by Nate Ring



all rights reserved


Citizen Insane Kingston, New York

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Track Name: Build Me Break Me (demo)
what's a crescendo with no release?
finish what you've started
no more crashing planes, now you're stopping trains
nothing's in your way
guess that's always what you wanted

hey, when you broke down
did you tell yourself you didn't need help?
there's no way that you'll ever find your own way out
hey, my friend, i am everything that you need
take my hand, just trust me and you'll see

strange, it seems like you've been here before
and i'm sure you know what to do
there's a road you can take
if your legs don't break
there's a place you can start anew

fix me
lift me
drop me from the sky
fallen, i've fallen
healed on the inside

i break down

as the plane went down
like a dying dream
i fell from the sky and into the sea
i saw my love floating far away
and i found myself in the crashing waves
Track Name: Cosmic Strings
Track Name: Through Glass
Track Name: Hello - Goodbye!
am i the only one who's sane here?
i think i'm gonna lose my brain here

i gotta get out of this place
but no one believes me when i say
where i'm going
if i could just follow the sound
or the words i've written down
i can escape the hell inside
i'm never coming back this time

let me vanish
let me disappear

i wanna live like in the movies
i wanna write what's in my soul
don't wanna die down in the basement
of that fluorescent-lit hole

let me vanish
let me disappear
follow in his footsteps
nailed in
far from here

the last nail in my coffin
became my ticket through the fire escape
and as i'm leaving through the window
i curse the cruel hands of fate

i hope this dies with me
this cycle's on endless repeat
and i'm leaving to chase this
fleeting far-off dream
but the memory still haunts me
Track Name: My Means Justify My End (demo)